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What we were tasked to do

  • Deliver rugby union across the whole of year 7 for both boys and girls classes, developing their skills as well as getting them interested in playing Rugby.
  • Develop teachers understanding of the game and how to deliver engaging rugby sessions at different stages of ability.
  • Get year 7 students interested in playing rugby inside and outside of school.

What we delivered

  • Throughout year 7 we delivered different levels of contact rugby delivery for the appropriate age group.
  • Year 7 boys played contact rugby games developing an understanding of how to play the game through different coaching approaches.
  • Girls progressed towards playing contact games through an understanding of the rules of rugby developing from touch to the transitional game to full contact.

Positive outcome of delivery

  • This project provided the opportunity for over 330 year 7 students to participate in some form of Rugby union, all taking part in engaging games based sessions.
  • All rugby delivery was aligned with the CORE values of rugby union at the centre of it which meant teachers could transfer them to other aspects of PE and throughout the school.
  • Both boys and girls after school rugby was taking up by students with the school being able to fulfil year 7 fixtures for boys and U13 fixtures for girls on a regular basis.
  • All this meant Rugby became a key part of the school’s curriculum for both boys and girls which meant a huge number of children got the chance to play a sport they may not have played or considered enjoyable in the past.
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