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White Rose Rugby’s aim is to create the opportunity for all to  experience the many benefits of the sport. Benefits both on and off the field. We have a vast experience delivering sports sessions to a large range of participants in various focus communities.

Since White Rose Rugby started delivering sessions within the community we have had the pleasure of working all over the county. Creating the opportunity for thousands of participants of different genders, ethnicity, ages and sporting ability to take part within rugby and other sports.
We have created this map to show you the majority of the locations of schools, colleges and other educational settings in which we have delivered rugby and mixed sport sessions. We hope that this continues to grow throughout the future, so that we can continue to create the opportunity for more participants become active and get involved.

We have created the pages below to show you some of the case studies from our various sessions. Each of the case studies provide information about the delivery and some of the positive outcomes from each session. All of our case studies studies follow our 3 i’s (intent, implementation and impact), a format which is explained below.


Our focus is to provide opportunities for all of our participants to engage in active sessions that enable them to improve their physical and mental well-being through supporting them in developing behaviours and characteristics such as resilience, confidence and leadership in active, engaging and challenging sessions.



We provide high quality, progressive & challenging, planning, coaching and sports leadership delivery through our highly qualified coaches. All our coaches are supported and mentored by our management team to ensure that we provide all participants with a range of opportunities, resources, and interactions throughout our delivery in an engaging and safe manner.


We recognise that our delivery must make a positive difference for all participants throughout our sessions to ensure that we achieve our intent. We do this using our bespoke assessment tools, observations and encourage self and peer assessment from our participant.



Change Through Rugby

White Rose Rugby have been funded by Yorkshire Sport Foundation and North Yorkshire Sport foundation to deliver Change Through Rugby sessions. Our Change Through Rugby sessions are delivered to target groups such as Girl’s, Minority groups or SEN and mixed ability sessions. We deliver the sessions within many focus communities and areas across the county.

SEN and Mixed ability

At White Rose Rugby all of our coaches specialise in SEN and Mixed ability sessions. We have created session plans tailored to all needs and have massive success within all of our SEN and mixed ability sessions.
We work closely with IMAS and various SEN centre’s across West Yorkshire. We also have some of the team members from The Bumbles mixed ability rugby team within our coaching team who aid with all of our mixed ability and SEN sessions. A large amount of our SEN and Mixed ability sessions are a part of the Change through Rugby project, but we also deliver work on behalf of IMAS and links we have created within schools and centres.

PRU and Behavioural sessions

Over the past two years we have began to deliver more and more sessions too Pupil Referral units/schools as well as behavioural groups within schools. We firmly believe the use of core values and creating an opportunity for sport with these groups often leads to success.
This success can vary from a student getting involved, making new friends, improving behaviour or transitioning to grass root rugby. This type of work fit into our Change Through Rugby project.

Primary School Delivery

At White Rose Rugby we create the opportunity for primary schools to take part in rugby. This is either by sessions directly with schools or working with local rugby clubs to deliver sessions within various primary schools within their area, to help promote the rugby club.
We also run mega-festivals with the RFU community team and summer holiday camps to help the younger ages keep involved in rugby.

HMYOI Wetherby Prison

For the past two years we have had coaches delivering sessions to those within the young offenders institute. These sessions are provided as a treat and to also show how the core values of our sport can help in day to day life. We focus the sessions largely on enjoyment but also create the opportunity for the participants to take part in cpd’s on various aspects of our sport. Helping to create a learning environment too.

Primary School
Case Studies

Developing young people through an apprenticeship scheme

White Rose Rugby were one of the first organisations to confirm their involvement in the Coach Core Leeds apprenticeship programme having previously worked with Yorkshire Sport Foundation on other project. They have completely immersed themselves in developing young people through the apprenticeship scheme and have been nothing but open minded and willing to learn during every part of the process.

It is vital that the apprentices that are part of this project have the required support from the organisation that they are placed with. Phil, Dave and the rest of the team fully understand what it takes to nurture and mentor young people and go the extra mile. They provide the right environment for young people to learn and develop themselves and have proven that they can produced excellent young coaches.

White Rose Rugby and Yorkshire Sport Foundation have an extremely strong working relationship and this has only strengthened through this piece of work. They are always professional, reliable and approachable and have a great team that are always wanting and willing to get involved in new ideas.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation are looking forward to continuing work with White Rose Rugby, in particular seeing them return as part of the next Coach Core Leeds Apprenticeship programme.

Lauren Havercroft

Lauren Havercroft, Workforce Development Manager

The children (and teachers!!) are really sad that the coaching sessions have now come to an end. They have LOVED each session and both Ben and Tom have been amazing. The progression of skills for each session has been really evident and it’s been wonderful to see some of the children thriving. All of the sessions have been fun and engaging.

We have one boy who now wants to play thanks to Ben’s coaching. In the classroom, he is one of the lower ability children but he has shown a real talent for rugby so this is something that will really help his self-esteem and confidence.

Thank you so much and I hope that we can discuss having you in again next year!

Natalie Robertshaw

Despite what a lot of people might think rugby is a fun game. For me as a teacher it is the most rewarding aspect of my professional life. You can instil so much to students through the game. It is a game that can be played on so many levels and enjoyed by many different types of students. Without rugby my teaching life and my personal life would not be as fulfilled as it is now.

Eugene Johnson

Brighouse High has been fortunate enough to be part of the all schools rugby programme for the last three years. This programme has supported the school in providing training for staff to develop their skills and knowledge of the game so that rugby is now a regular fixed part of key stage 3 and 4 PE curriculum for boys and girls. The WRSRS festivals and fixtures provide the school with an excellent opportunity to compete on a regular basis and allows our pupils the opportunity to build their confidence and Rugby skills. Many of our pupils have not experienced the game other than in school and we have found that through our involvement in the All schools programme and been part of the WRSRS more and more are continuing to play outside of school at our local Rugby Clubs. The pupils of Brighouse have gained a better understanding not just of the game but also of the core values and it is these core values that have allowed the pupils to develop and thrive not only as performers but as young adults.

Jim Summers

Rugby union is a wonderful component to have in your curriculum and extra curricular programme as it really brings to life morals and values which are essential for all young people to have. The discipline and respect displayed in their rugby lives can be replicated in their everyday lives making them positive role models for their peers and being fine upstanding citizens in their local communities.

Craig Thornton

Playing rugby allows our pupils to develop their sporting skills, as well as key life skills such as confidence and self belief, and the feeling of being part of team. Pupils enjoy being challenged, and take pride in both the game, and in representing their school. The White Rose Festival has allowed our teams to take part in regular competitions, against a range of teams. They are well organised and give pupils the best experience of Yorkshire rugby.

Richard Hughes - Head of Physical Education

‘Thank you for everything you have done over the 10 weeks. The students have loved it (whatever the weather!) and I’m sure they will miss it this week.’

Amy Horsfield

‘Thank you for everything you’ve done with the students, they’ve absolutely loved every minute of it and they’ve got loads out of it in a time where this sort of thing could have been very difficult to do. They have benefitted massively from it and we hope we can work with you again to provide more opportunities for development!’

Rikki Paylor

Thank you so much to the coaches for the sessions! All the students really enjoyed themselves and the coaches were great with the students. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

Katie Thompson

The students said that they really enjoyed working with you and your coaches. They learnt a lot about rugby and enjoyed playing all the games. They felt much more confident about playing the game after you’d been and would really like to play more if at all possible.

Bridget Slater

‘White Rose Rugby delivered a 6 week rugby union session for our Bridge Builder students. All students within this group have additional needs and the majority have Education Health Care Plans in place.  The White Rose coaches were excellent from the very first session, quickly establishing the needs of the group and adapting accordingly. Rugby ability level within the group at the start was low, with the majority having never participated before. As the weeks progressed the change in ability was clear to see, this is testament to the coaching undertaken. Cohesion within the group was enhanced from week 1 to week 6 this cohesion was also notable within the classroom post the end of the sessions. Overall the sessions were very well received and enjoyed by all who participated.’

Kathryn Towler

White Rose Rugby have had an immense impact on the opportunities available to our students. Their hard work has enabled an increasingly large number of our students to enjoy additional rugby sessions in a highly motivating, engaging and safe environment.

Our students have enjoyed developing their skills and playing competitively against other schools and as a result and are now hooked. I cannot recommend White Rose Rugby enough and I thank the team for their continued hard work with our young people.

Jacob Rollinson

Our link up with White Rose Rugby has been a really good move for the club and its development. Since WRR started going into the local schools delivering their curriculum based courses we’ve been able to secure many transitions from the schools to club rugby.

The professional coaching ability ensure that kids have lots of fun as well as learn the basic core skills of the game. Their continued support at school festivals has led to our club hosting many regional schools festivals, which has again led to further transitions. Dave and Phil are always on hand to give advise on how best to operate and on the back of some advise at our very first meeting we started running 02 Touch Rugby sessions at the club – this now has on average 40 people attending and has seen past players both young and old returning to the club as well as encouraging parents to get involved too.

Matt Fell
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