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Wanting to spend your work placement, experiencing sport within a variety of education and community settings, with a leading professional sports coaching company?

We offer an opportunity for students to undertake a placement in Sport coaching, Sports management, Sport development and Sport Marketing. We can tailor placements to meet your course or desired outcome.

  • Sport Coaching – We deliver sessions to a wide range of ages, abilities and backgrounds. We can offer experience of coaching in Primary school, Secondary school, College, Mixed ability, Disability and University delivery. White Rose Rugby specialises in rugby delivery but also delivers a wide range of other multi-sport activities.
  • Sports Management – Our team have vast experience in organising and planning sessions. This process includes producing delivery plans suitable to available funding and then contacting funding partners and places of education with these plans to organise delivery.
  • Sport Development & Marketing – Throughout the past … years, our team have gained an excellent range of knowledge in sport development and marketing. We can offer the chance for you to explore both of these aspects of sport throughout your placement.

Please find below the documents to be fulfilled regarding the placement. Contact us to query or find out more.

Work Placement Application Form


To experience coaching within a school or college establishment your ID and DBS is required by the establishment for safeguarding purposes.

Please get in touch as soon as possible. Ideally 6 weeks before the start date or planned start date for your placement.

Any qualifications suitable to our work would be preferred but not required.

We can tailor placements to each individuals needs and requirements. We can provide placements for any required hours. Our aim would be to give you the opportunity to experience all of the aspects listed above.

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