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White Rose Rugby have worked closely with both Primary Schools and Rugby clubs to deliver sessions within Primary Schools. We can provide rugby clubs with a full delivery plan to help grow the junior section within their club. We have worked closely with clubs such as North Ribblesdale RUFC, Huddersfield YMCA, Baildon RUFC and Keighley RUFC.
Our Primary delivery usually last’s for 6 weeks and promotes rugby, core values and all of the benefits of the sport. It is TAG delivery and often fit’s nicely into a mega-festival set-up.
We have delivered to all years within a primary school and many of our coaches specialise within this area too. We run Primary School summer holiday camps and provide the opportunity for all to give rugby a go at a young age.
All of our primary rugby sessions are curriculum based. W e are currently developing a new set of session plans, which are set to be released in September 2020. These sessions will further aid the school and participants.

Project Information

Throughout the case studies we will include all project information. Including locations, type of group and total weeks of delivery.

Group impacts

In the case studies we will include some of the benfits the group recieved from the sessions. This could vary from using core values to improving behaviour.

Individual impacts

Possibly one of the key elements to each case study. We will include any personal developments for individuals. This could include becoming more active etc.

Future development

After completing sessions with a group, we begin to focus on implementing future plans. To ensure rugby will continue.

Over the past years we have worked closely with North Ribblesdale RUFC. We have worked with the rugby club to help promote the club within the area, run summer camps and mega-festivals and lend a hand with any other rugby events the rugby club is hosting.

Currently we have delivered to 2 primary schools within the local area, with an aim to continue to visit local primary schools over the next few years. We have delivered rugby within Bentham Primary School and Gisburn Primary School. We delivered 6 weeks of enjoyable and engaging sessions within the schools, that had some excellent success. We supplied the schools and participants with information, leaflets and flyers about North Ribblesdale RUFC to further increase the chance of transition.
We delivered from years 2-6 and gave the school an opportunity to have a full day of rugby throughout their school. We believe these sessions were highly successful and we will take the same approach in future sessions.

We have also ran many summer camps at the rugby club for the local children to attend. This creates the opportunity for newbies and members of the rugby club to attend the rugby club and have 3 day’s of rugby fun.

Over the past 2 years we have worked closely to Huddersfield YMCA RUFC to help boost their mini/juniors section. To reach this target we delivered sessions within 3 local primary schools, ran summer camps and other rugby events at the rugby club. We ran mega-festivals at the rugby club to further aid transition for the local school participants.
We delivered enjoyable and engaging sessions within the community around the rugby club. Through this delivery we promoted the rugby club and rugby. We delivered 6 weeks of sessions, varying at ages between year 1-6.Through this delivery the rugby club and schools created a great relationship and the rugby club runs frequent events to continue to strengthen the bond between school and club rugby.

We also delivered summer camps hosted at the rugby club. These camps were for both newbies and members of the rugby club. The aim was to promote the club but also create an enjoyable and engaging rugby camp.

Matt Fell
Huddersfield YMCA RUFC

“Our link up with White Rose Rugby has been a really good move for the club and its development. Since WRR started going into the local schools delivering their curriculum based courses we’ve been able to secure many transitions from the schools to club rugby.

The professional coaching ability ensure that kids have lots of fun as well as learn the basic core skills of the game. Their continued support at school festivals has led to our club hosting many regional schools festivals, which has again led to further transitions. Dave and Phil are always on hand to give advise on how best to operate and on the back of some advise at our very first meeting we started running 02 Touch Rugby sessions at the club – this now has on average 40 people attending and has seen past players both young and old returning to the club as well as encouraging parents to get involved too.”


White rose rugby have delivered a 6 week block of rugby to the year 4 and 5 at burley Woodhead. This has given them a taster of rugby. Each session make gradual progression into rugby based skills. With the goal at the end to play tag rugby which was able to be achieved by both classes.

What was the IMPACT on the young people?

Throughout the weeks of delivery, all the children thoroughly enjoyed the session and where able to get active as well as gain new skills and knowledge. The class not only took part together but also worked well as a team and always helped and supported each other when faced with a challenge. So not only did they improve their rugby related skills but also communication and team working skills.

Has there been an improvement in physical/mental health, confidence, ability?

All the participants improved physically with things like hand eye coordination, balance and agility. The session where very fun , enjoyable and engaging. For the children to be able to see there own improvements in abilities is very rewarding for them giving them positive outlook on the sessions.

What has stood out about these sessions?

The sessions at burley Woodhead are gradually progressed incorporating skill learnt in previous sessions into competitive and fast faced games. As well as going back on skills and recapping and reflecting key components.


White rose rugby have been working with Westville house school to provide the pupils with many different session as we deliver after school clubs to the rugby rascals and the older years. As well as a delivering session to the nursery children. We have also provided them with holiday camps where we get lots of pupils that attend the afterschool clubs to these holiday camps.

What was the IMPACT on the young people?

Throughout the weeks of delivery, the after school sessions focus on enjoyment but also development into rugby skills. Most participants at the afterschool clubs play outside of school in the sessions we develop their core skills further. While the tots sessions are about fun games ,enjoyment and getting them running around. We do cover super basic rugby skills with the tots . In the holiday camps we don’t juts cover rugby we provide many different sporting games and skills. The children get a lot out of the holiday camps as they might not be that active if they where to be at home all school holidays.

Has there been an improvement in physical/mental health, confidence, ability?

Over the time we have been delivering into Westville we have seen big improvement in ability especially In the after school club as some have progressed in clubs outside of school. The club is also a good chance for the children to socialise as they spend time with pupils from different classes. This social side is good for the mental health as they have all been isolated during the pandemic. During the tots session we have some very young participants and at the start of our session were very shy and unsure about taking part where as now they get really involved and have gain lots of confidence.

What has stood out about these sessions?

The session at Westville are very active and fast paced. We see lots of engagement and enjoyment from all the pupils there. They also all show an excellent willingness to develop no only rugby skills but also social skills as well. The session are also always changing a

All of our Primary School delivery and summer camps have the core values at the centre of everything we do. The core values are an excellent tool to promote rugby and it’s many benefits. All of our coaches provide fun and enjoyable sessions, that promote teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and discipline.
We take extra time to provide the participants with chance to self-evaluate and decide on developments for the group and Peer’s. With the use of game based scenarios and small skill development games, it enables the participants to try out new skills and also challenge themselves with challenges set by themselves, others in the group or the coach.

Teamwork is essential to our sport. We believe the only way to succeed is by working together.
Respect forms the basis of our sport. We believe everyone on our team something to contribute.
Enjoyment is the reason we play and support rugby union. We believe rugby is fun.
Discipline underpins our sport. We believe it takes strength of character and focus to deliver.
Sportsmanship is the foundation rugby union is based on. We believe in fairness and integrity.
Core Values
To be provided with more information about the RFU core values, please click here.
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