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White Rose Rugby have been funded and have on-going funding from Yorkshire Sport Foundation to deliver rugby sessions within the Young offenders prison at Wetherby. These sessions are based around the core values and focus largely on enjoyment. Not only do we run rugby coaching sessions, we also provide the opportunity for the participants to undertake cpd courses and have had our Bumbles coaches deliver various presentations to the group about inclusivity and how rugby really is for everyone, no matter on their background.
We hope our sessions provide the opportunity to develop new social skills and technical skills, for on and off the pitch.

Project Information

Throughout the case studies we will include all project information. Including locations, type of group and total weeks of delivery.

Group impacts

In the case studies we will include some of the benfits the group recieved from the sessions. This could vary from using core values to improving behaviour.

Individual impacts

Possibly one of the key elements to each case study. We will include any personal developments for individuals. This could include becoming more active etc.

Future development

After completing sessions with a group, we begin to focus on implementing future plans. To ensure rugby will continue.

What was the task? What did we deliver? and how did we achieve succesful sessions?

We visited Wetherby Prison institute to deliver sessions to the young offenders. The Task was to develop core values and introduce rugby to the group of participants. We were Looking to highlight team work and ability to accept decisions. At the Wetherby Prison Institute we delivered 22 rugby sessions based around developing the understanding of the game and the core values. The sessions varied in difficulty, with the aim to develop skills. We developed the participants understanding of how to work together and developed the understanding of core values and the game within the group. We enabled participants to take responsibilities of sessions and coach their peers. We also gave individuals tools which they could take on to use in rugby and outside of the game.

Teamwork is essential to our sport. We believe the only way to succeed is by working together.
Respect forms the basis of our sport. We believe everyone on our team something to contribute.
Enjoyment is the reason we play and support rugby union. We believe rugby is fun.
Discipline underpins our sport. We believe it takes strength of character and focus to deliver.
Sportsmanship is the foundation rugby union is based on. We believe in fairness and integrity.
Core Values
To be provided with more information about the RFU core values, please click here.
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