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What was the task?

  • Matt Fell from Huddersfield YMCA got in touch with us to inform us that they did not have any junior or mini teams in their Club. Because of this they wanted to start up and progress rugby at the junior and mini level. We were tasked to promote rugby and Huddersfield YMCA through summer camps to provide the transition to joining Huddersfield YMCA. We were also tasked to promote Girls rugby for Huddersfield YMCA Roses through Girls Rugby development Days.

What did we deliver?

  • We delivered 4 day long summer camps. The summer camps provided the opportunity for the participants to improve their skills and core values through games and varied sessions tailored for all individuals. We also delivered 2 Girls development days, at Huddersfield YMCA, so that we could promote girls rugby at the club. Delivering these camps and Development Days at the rugby club aided the transition as the participants were able to find out more details about the club and the options available to them.

What did we Achieve?

  • Over the 4 days of the summer camp, we had 40 attendees. These participants came from local primary schools and other clubs. This enabled us to promote rugby and Huddersfield YMCA to 40 participants who are all interested in playing rugby, Many showing interest in starting rugby at the club. The 2 girls development days were attended by 7 girls, with 2 girls who haven’t played rugby before. All together we promoted Huddersfield YMCA to 47 local girls and boys and we aided the transition to club rugby for those that were interested in playing at a grassroots level.
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