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What we were tasked to do?

  • To deliver Tag Rugby throughout the school from Year 1-6, that were expected to align with the curriculum.
  • Educate and up skill members of Staff on how to deliver engaging rugby based PE Sessions.
  • Create a pathway for Children to the local rugby club as well as developing players for the local schools rugby festivals.

What we delivered?

  • A scaffolded curriculum of Tag Rugby was delivered throughout the school progressing from year 1 children running with the ball and special awareness to year 6 children playing Tag Rugby.
  • Year 3 -6 Children were able to play and manage their own Tag Rugby games, understanding tactics as well as the CORE VALUES which are so important to the game.
  • All delivery from year 1-6 was underpinned with a high level of player involvement getting children to maximise the amount of engagement that they got out of the weekly hour session.

Positive outcomes of our delivery

  • The standard of coordination and game understanding in the school grew each year not only being identified in the primary school, but also by PE staff when pupils transitioned to secondary.
  • Teachers benefitted from the specialist delivery picking up different activities and approaches to developing
  • The school also gained higher levels of participation at after school clubs, It also had a massive effect on the local rugby club with large numbers of players joining the local Rugby club in the area.

Despite what a lot of people might think rugby is a fun game. For me as a teacher it is the most rewarding aspect of my professional life. You can instil so much to students through the game. It is a game that can be played on so many levels and enjoyed by many different types of students. Without rugby my teaching life and my personal life would not be as fulfilled as it is now.

Eugene Johnson

Brighouse High has been fortunate enough to be part of the all schools rugby programme for the last three years. This programme has supported the school in providing training for staff to develop their skills and knowledge of the game so that rugby is now a regular fixed part of key stage 3 and 4 PE curriculum for boys and girls. The WRSRS festivals and fixtures provide the school with an excellent opportunity to compete on a regular basis and allows our pupils the opportunity to build their confidence and Rugby skills. Many of our pupils have not experienced the game other than in school and we have found that through our involvement in the All schools programme and been part of the WRSRS more and more are continuing to play outside of school at our local Rugby Clubs. The pupils of Brighouse have gained a better understanding not just of the game but also of the core values and it is these core values that have allowed the pupils to develop and thrive not only as performers but as young adults.

Jim Summers

Rugby union is a wonderful component to have in your curriculum and extra curricular programme as it really brings to life morals and values which are essential for all young people to have. The discipline and respect displayed in their rugby lives can be replicated in their everyday lives making them positive role models for their peers and being fine upstanding citizens in their local communities.

Craig Thornton
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