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What we were tasked to do?

  • To deliver Tag Rugby throughout the school from Year 1-6, that were expected to align with the curriculum.
  • Educate and up skill members of Staff on how to deliver engaging rugby based PE Sessions.
  • Create a pathway for Children to the local rugby club as well as developing players for the local schools rugby festivals.

What we delivered?

  • A scaffolded curriculum of Tag Rugby was delivered throughout the school progressing from year 1 children running with the ball and special awareness to year 6 children playing Tag Rugby.
  • Year 3 -6 Children were able to play and manage their own Tag Rugby games, understanding tactics as well as the CORE VALUES which are so important to the game.
  • All delivery from year 1-6 was underpinned with a high level of player involvement getting children to maximise the amount of engagement that they got out of the weekly hour session.

Positive outcomes of our delivery

  • The standard of coordination and game understanding in the school grew each year not only being identified in the primary school, but also by PE staff when pupils transitioned to secondary.
  • Teachers benefitted from the specialist delivery picking up different activities and approaches to developing
  • The school also gained higher levels of participation at after school clubs, It also had a massive effect on the local rugby club with large numbers of players joining the local Rugby club in the area.

Developing young people through an apprenticeship scheme

White Rose Rugby were one of the first organisations to confirm their involvement in the Coach Core Leeds apprenticeship programme having previously worked with Yorkshire Sport Foundation on other project. They have completely immersed themselves in developing young people through the apprenticeship scheme and have been nothing but open minded and willing to learn during every part of the process.

It is vital that the apprentices that are part of this project have the required support from the organisation that they are placed with. Phil, Dave and the rest of the team fully understand what it takes to nurture and mentor young people and go the extra mile. They provide the right environment for young people to learn and develop themselves and have proven that they can produced excellent young coaches.

White Rose Rugby and Yorkshire Sport Foundation have an extremely strong working relationship and this has only strengthened through this piece of work. They are always professional, reliable and approachable and have a great team that are always wanting and willing to get involved in new ideas.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation are looking forward to continuing work with White Rose Rugby, in particular seeing them return as part of the next Coach Core Leeds Apprenticeship programme.

Lauren Havercroft

Lauren Havercroft, Workforce Development Manager

The children (and teachers!!) are really sad that the coaching sessions have now come to an end. They have LOVED each session and both Ben and Tom have been amazing. The progression of skills for each session has been really evident and it’s been wonderful to see some of the children thriving. All of the sessions have been fun and engaging.

We have one boy who now wants to play thanks to Ben’s coaching. In the classroom, he is one of the lower ability children but he has shown a real talent for rugby so this is something that will really help his self-esteem and confidence.

Thank you so much and I hope that we can discuss having you in again next year!

Natalie Robertshaw

Despite what a lot of people might think rugby is a fun game. For me as a teacher it is the most rewarding aspect of my professional life. You can instil so much to students through the game. It is a game that can be played on so many levels and enjoyed by many different types of students. Without rugby my teaching life and my personal life would not be as fulfilled as it is now.

Eugene Johnson
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