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As part of the White Rose Schools Rugby Series (WRSRS), festivals and events will be supported by members of staff from the RFU and White Rose Rugby. The following document outlines the roles and responsibilities of those members of staff.

The WRSRS is designed to create an environment in which players, coaches, teachers and officials of every ability level and experience get the chance develop. Therefore, the professional staff that will be supporting the events will be there in a facilitator capacity. By this we mean we want to give as many opportunities for everyone to develop in which ever area, by that coaching, referring or playing, as possible.

Below is a list of the roles and responsibilities for any professional staff that attend WRSRS events:

  • Make contact with all school/staff that are supposed to be attending the event.
  • Be a central point for all schools attending the event (Visible presence. Wearing RFU/White Rose Rugby Kit).
  • Keep an attendance record of all those that attend the event.
  • Be the main organisor of the event (pitch allocation, groupings, running order).
  • Support the development of staff referees or Young Match Officials.
  • If no staff/YMO available to officiate, then professional staff should step in.

Changes of venues –

From time to time it may be necessary to change venues for festivals. When venues change we will always try to ensure that a member of the RFU professional staff or one of the White Rose Rugby team is in attendance. However there may be occasions when this is not possible. If not possible we will always try to ensure that teaching staff are fully advised of this. If the RFU Professional staff or White Rose Rugby staff cannot attend a festival, we will have ensured that the venue is fit for purpose. In addition please note that we will expect schools to provide the essential following equipment:

  • Ball (Size 4 or 5)
  • Whistle
  • Suitable number of cones
  • Adequate First aid kit

For more information on regulations please click here.

If there are any questions to be made regarding the roles and responsibilities of RFU/WRR staff members please do not hesitate to contact the White Rose Team

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