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Restarting sport at Barnsley College

As Schools, Colleges and Universities begin to return, we have began to recommence our Change through rugby and college delivery. We began our delivery at Barnsley College funded by Yorkshire Sport Foundation.

Tom delivers sessions to two first year and two second year groups. All of the sessions we deliver ensure safety for both participants, staff and our coaches. We follow the RFU return to rugby roadmap and ensure everything we deliver is within the current regulations.

The sessions aims and targets are to create an enjoyable learning environment that allows participants to develop their playing, refereeing and coaching skills. The sessions that Tom delivers give participants the opportunity to experience all of the above and is currently planning sessions that will help participants gain new qualifications or CPD’s.

Following the delivery of sessions we have received this feedback from Amanda Sowerby, Physical Activity & Sport Co-ordinator.

As a sports college, we have been seriously impacted by the current crisis but felt a great need, on behalf of our sports students to safely ‘push through’ and work with WRR to underline our ethos that work ethic, character and athleticism can overcome the perceived adversity and challenge that Covid 19 presents.

Prior to physical engagement WRR operated with due diligence and sent official documents e.g. Covid RA and routine DBS, to ensure safe practice from the outset.

On the practical delivery days, the coach stayed outside on the field self-contained with equipment and sanitiser and delivered safe, fun and informative sessions-working with our students in bubbles of 8.

 I believe we owe it to our sports, teams and students athletes to push through safely and deliver a range of sporting activities-working closely with the guidelines.

We look forward to continuing our delivery at Barnsley College and look forward to seeing the developments made by participants.

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