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White Rose Schools Rugby Series – FAQs 2017/2018

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to staff at WRSRS. Please find the answer to these questions with them, should you have any more questions regarding WRSRS you can contact either a member of White Rose Rugby Staff or a member of your local RFU team.

Q. Who do I contact for any information relating to WRSRS?
A. You can contact any member of White Rose Rugby whose details are:

Tom Willson : Mobile 07827 316259      E-Mail

Robbie Hill : Mobile 07944 385218  E-Mail

Dave Duxbury : Mobile 07811 331427

Q. Where do I find out information regarding WRSRS festivals and events?
A. You will be emailed a full schedule of events across the year by a member of staff if you have signed up to the WRSRS email list or have been made a key contact for your school. You can also access information on all events in the calendar via the website (

Q. In the event of extremely poor weather conditions do the festivals still go ahead?
A. If weather conditions are poor then it will be up to the host school/venue to declare their pitches unplayable. From there, they should follow the protocol regarding event cancelation which can be found on the website.

Q. What do I do if I cannot fulfil the assigned playing numbers for that age group?
A. We would encourage you to bring as many players that want to participate as possible. This may also mean that you are flexible with other schools in regards to playing numbers, either by matching their numbers or potentially even mixing teams. This type of behavior does display the RFU Core Values and upholds the mission statement of WRSRS, ‘Rugby for All’.

Q. What is the role of White Rose Rugby staff and RFU staff at festivals?
A. A clear outline of professional staffs’ roles and responsibilities will be posted and available on the website.

Q. Will there be any opportunities for training and education throughout the year?
A. Yes, the festivals are designed to be opportunities for staff development alongside playing opportunities for the children. We are also hoping to stage several chances for staff to get together for training by professional staff at points in the year. There will be more information available soon.


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