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The following sets of protocols are to be adhered to on the lead up to an event and the day of an event. These take into account the roles and responsibilities of both White Rose Rugby (WRR) and teaching staff.

  • Prior to event school staff must confirm or decline attendance at festival via one of several means, including website automated confirmation, E-mail, WhatsApp message or Text message to WRR administrator.
  • If on the day of the event the weather causes doubt over the running of said event, WRR will contact host school/venue, by 10:00am, to ensure event can still go ahead.
  • If it can go ahead, WRR will confirm to all attendees through communication systems.
  • If for any reason an event cannot take place at the original, scheduled venue, then WRR will revert to a secondary, pre-planned venue to confirm whether or not the event can be moved. If the event can be moved and this will be communicated by school staff by midday.
  • If the secondary venue is not playable then that event will be cancelled. WRR will contact all attendees via all available communication systems.
  • Schools that wish to drop out of an event on the day must contact the host school and the WRR administrator at earliest possible opportunity.
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