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Satellite clubs are local sport clubs, designed around the needs of young people to produce positive experiences and encourages them to join established clubs. Satellite clubs were launched in 2013 as part of Sport England’s response to the new strategy for youth sport. The clubs make it easier for young people to stay active and be involved in exercise, especially as 67% of satellite clubs are located at secondary schools.

The clubs being located at secondary schools is extremely beneficial, because not only does it make it convenient for young people to attend but it also means they get to take part in their desired sport with their friends and familiar faces. However, clubs that don’t take place at schools and colleges also encourage people to meet new people and improve social skills as well as fitness levels.

The main objectives of a satellite club are to provide enjoyable experiences for the youth, create regular habits for them and meet the different motivations and needs of young people.

Over 50 sports are delivered in satellite clubs, with rugby being one of the most popular, as 9% of all satellite clubs are rugby clubs. Satellite clubs encourages places such as schools and colleges to fulfil the demands for sport clubs and provides new opportunities for young people.

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