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Sports Leadership options, details and pricing

Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership (SL1) Level 2 Qualification in Sports Leadership (CSL2) Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership
Minimum age of learner (years) 12 13 15 (17 on completion)
Total hours 31 50 132
Tutored Hours 23 24 61
Demonstation of leadership 1 2* 4*
Credits 3 5 13
UCAS points 0 0 (but recognised in personal satements) 16
Once qualified, your learners will be able to assist in the delivery of enjoyable and purposeful sport or physical activity sessions under direct supervision.
• Learn how to plan and deliver a structured sport/physical activity session
• Know how to assist in the delivery of a sport/physical activity session
• Ability to review a sport/physical activity session
Once qualified, your learners will be able to lead safe, purposeful and enjoyable sport/physical activity under indirect supervision (once aged 16).
• Progression from SL1 learning objectives
• Understand different types of sports/physical activity events
• Be able to assist in the planning/delivery of a sport/physical activity event
• Be able to evaluate a sport/ physical activity event
• Deliver a sport/physical activity session under direct supervision
Once qualified, your learners will be able to independently lead purposeful and enjoyable sport or physical activity activities.
• Progression from SL1 & CSL2 learning objectives
• Understand the key elements and differences of leading, coaching and teaching
• Understand the safeguarding of participants and how this affects an event
• Understand the effects of sport/physical activity on children
• Be able to deliver a sport/ physical activity session to older people, less-abled and young children
• Independently plan, deliver and evaluate sport/physical activity sessions
Coach/Tutor Costs (per hour) £35.00 £35.00 £35.00
Registration Costs (per student) £25.50 £35.00 £58.50
Certificate Costs (per student) £2.50 £2.50 £4.50

*Required for courses with start dates between 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2021.


Pricing, per year group, for BBG Academy:

Total Cost (based on 24 students) Cost per student (based on 24 students)
Year 7 (SL1) £1,547.00 £64.46
Year 8 (SL1) £1,547.00 £64.46
Year 10 (CSL2) £1,752.00 £73.00
Year 11 (CSL2) £1,752.00 £73.00

** Quotation above based on a 15-24 students per class/session.

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