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Our Wellbeing program
To develop children’s awareness, perception and attitude towards what a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle looks like.

White Rose Physical and Mental Wellbeing program


To develop children’s awareness, perception, and attitude towards what a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle looks like while empowering them with the understanding of how to help themselves lead their life to be as physically and mentally healthy. Through developing confidence, self-awareness and knowledge around their own bodies and minds. The curriculum links P.E, PSHE and Science together in a holistic and active way to allow the children to develop behaviours such as resilience, motivation, tolerance, respect, focus and confidence all with the intention of providing them with the ability to create a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle for themselves and their immediate community at the same time as relieving some timetabling pressures for the teachers.


The delivery plan put together has been developed using the ‘Science, P.E. and PSHE programme of study’ by a qualified Primary School Teacher and Sport and Exercise Health professional. Throughout the progressive and challenging learning journey there will be continuous references to all 3 ‘program of studies’ allowing learners to ‘work scientifically’ to demonstrate a deeper understanding of their own physical and mental wellbeing. All sessions will be delivered, assessed, and evaluated by one of our highly qualified deliverers to give all children the best possible learning journey.


We will utilise of formative and summative learning processes to assess the knowledge before and after the commencement of our delivery to the pupils. This will allow us to fully evidence the learning journey that each child takes throughout our learning process.


Do you want to find out more about our Wellbeing program delivery?

Please contact us to find out more. Our team would love to hear from you about any questions or interest you may have.

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